Social Responsibility

Supporting healthy kids and nutrition

We produce a staple food in a supply chain that is capable of cost effectively adding to the nutritional value of the world’s most susceptible to malnutrition and hunger. We support the Food Fortification Initiative which works with industry, charities and Governments around the world to encourage fortifying our flour so we can boost the health of millions of people and help to eradicate neural tube defects in new born babies.

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Supporting local communities
and jobs

We aim to employ from the local areas in which we operate and develop our people by providing training and holistic career pathways.

We are a strong supporter of local communities and economies.

We employ over 1,500 permanent employees and help to foster local small to medium businesses in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines through industry education and support programs. We have an extensive network of distributors located throughout Southeast Asia, hundreds of small businesses which create the backbone of these local communities.

Each of the business units is actively involved in supporting their local communities through charity days, blood drives and volunteering.

Annually the Group also coordinates a local volunteering effort involving its senior management team, choosing a different location from its network in Southeast Asia each year.

Protecting food safety

Across our business we follow globally recognised quality management systems to ensure we consistently supply our customers with safe food ingredients. These systems include ISO, HACCP and GMP.

We also guarantee purity and halal certification in accordance with Islamic principles. All ingredients used are screened on Halal-being and Halal approved. The production of all flour and malt is conducted in a clean and certified Halal condition.

Protecting our people

We care about our people, their safety and wellbeing.

Interflour takes safety seriously and conducts ongoing safety education and monitoring programs as well as placing targets front and centre of the business.

Recruitment and remuneration practices are conducted in a fair and transparent manner and employees are encouraged to report unethical behaviour.

Our Code of Conduct outlines the high standard of behaviour we expect from our employees and that they should expect from the business in return.