Flour Milling

Indonesia Malaysia Philippines Vietnam

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Interflour Group, Singapore

Interflour Danang Co., Ltd.

Daily Milling Capacity: 220 tons

Interflour Mabuhay Mill

Daily Milling Capacity: 500 tons

Interflour Vietnam Ltd.

Daily Milling Capacity: 1,000 tons

Sabah Flour & Feed Mills Sdn. Bhd.

Daily Milling Capacity: 240 tons

Lahad Datu Flour Mill Sdn Bhd

Daily Milling Capacity: 300 tons

Sarawak Flour Mill Sdn Bhd

Daily Milling Capacity: 280 tons

Prestasi Flour Mill Sdn Bhd

Daily Milling Capacity: 850 tons

PT Eastern Pearl Flour Mills

Daily Milling Capacity: 2,800 tons

PT Golden Grand Mills

Daily Milling Capacity: 500 tons

Interflour Group brings together some of the finest flour mills in Asia with 9 mills operating in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Philippines. Interflour's modern mills have a total wheat milling capacity of more than 2 million tons per year making it one of the largest flour millers in Asia.

Milling more than 7,000 metric tons of wheat daily for institutional buyers, medium sized distributors and retail consumers, Interflour is a leading flour miller in the Southeast Asian region.

Interflour’s bulk buying expertise, quality control facilities and attention to detail in wheat procurement, guarantees that only the most suitable grain is purchased. To ensure this, the Interflour Group's head office in Singapore coordinates grain purchases and shipping logistics from sources around the globe.

Across Interflour’s 9 mills, it produces flour for every application including high protein, medium protein and general purpose flour.

We help our customers find the best specification to meet their needs for bread; biscuits; cakes; instant, wet and dry noodles. As well as flour for food, we can provide flour for animal feed including aqua-feed, bran pollard and pellets.