Through its Intermalt facility in southern Vietnam, Interflour produces the finest malt for the Southeast Asian markets. Sourcing malting barley from around the globe, Intermalt uses the leading edge technology to meet our customers’ requirements.

The Intermalt facility was opened in 2017 and sits alongside the Interflour Cai Mep Port, giving it unrivalled supply chain control when importing barley. It is the largest malting facility of its type in Southeast Asia and offers customers just in time deliveries via bulk, tanker and bags.

State-of-the-art technology and equipment

The Intermalt facility uses the latest European technology and equipment to ensure strict quality control throughout the process from cleaning, steeping, germinating to kilning.

A reliable supply

We understand the need for a consistent and reliable supply of produce.

That’s why at Intermalt we source from around the globe to protect our customers from seasonal risk. We source malting barley from across Australia, South America and Europe; giving you more choice.

World-class expertise

Intermalt employs maltsters with the highest level qualifications and experience to guide the process and work with customers on their individual requirements.

Onsite laboratory

A stringent regime of testing is adhered to at the Intermalt plant, with an onsite laboratory fitted out with the latest analytical equipment and staff trained by VLB. Production is closely monitored throughout the malting process to ensure the highest level of quality is maintained.

Delivered when you need it

Malt can be delivered in bulk or bags via a dedicated transport network. Intermalt can arrange delivery by truck, container or barge ensuring you benefit from low logistic costs and short transit times.