Sourcing & Procuring Grain

Our centralised commodity procurement team is based in Singapore and sources the most optimal wheat varieties from across the globe to meet the needs of our network of mills and respond quickly to changing market conditions.

The best quality grain is sourced from traditional wheat growing countries such as Australia, the United States, Canada and Europe, with the majority of our grain procured from Australia.

Wheat varieties can vary significantly between countries, regions and even growing season. You can trust that our procurement team understands how these factors affect the market and how to find the best raw materials at the lowest price.

Our product development teams are constantly exploring new flour blends and ingredients to meet the specific requests of customers. They work closely with the commodity procurement team to align the Group buying activity with these insights.

Interflour’s strategically located mills through Southeast Asia enables the central team of logistics specialists to efficiently organise the freight effort to reduce supply chain costs.