Baking Ingredients

PANATURA® is a dry natural starter dough used as a booster for making a wide variety of high quality breads and biscuits. Based on the Swiss patented natural starter dough, which combines the traditional artesian method with modern technology, PANATURA® is made entirely from natural ingredients with no chemical additives.

Manufactured under license by Intertech Asia at our factory in West Port, Malaysia, PANATURA® is available in instant and fine variants to suit a range of product types including breads, steam buns, and biscuits.

Intertech provides customers with product training, trouble-shooting and ongoing technical support through our team of qualified technical bakers.

    Product Benefits

  • Higher water absorption
  • Higher dough yield
  • Appetising aroma
  • A silky and dry dough
  • Greater fermentation and baking tolerance
  • Improved water control in frozen products
  • Application for all Asian and Western bakery products